BASECOM INC. is proud of its long standing safety record and recently received its 19th Bi-Annual Safety Award.

Our project supervisors lead the safety effort as they are on-site and have the training and authority to safely carry out the work. All Basecom Inc employees are trained and empowered to safely execute work and can stop production and inform the supervisor if safety is a concern.

Annual safety training is conducted for all Basecom Inc employees. OSHA, first aid, CPR and technical training are some areas covered annually. Training and accountability are the corner stone of our safety program.

Basecom, Inc.’s corporate safety committee sets the standards, transmits current safety information to the field and is responsible for strategic planning. Loss and incident information is analyzed so as to be proactive in preventing accidents.

Basecom, Inc.’s safety program includes the following:

  • Site specific safety plans
  • New hire screening and selection
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Routine site inspections
  • Site toolbox safety meetings
  • Comprehensive company-wide
    drug and alcohol policy

Safety award“It is rare to encounter a business that is as dedicated to the safety of their employees, and who understands how maintaining a safe workplace is a competitive advantage like Basecom. They get it. The fact that they are currently working on their 20th safety award with Employers Resource is proof of their dedication and hard work in this area. We have the utmost respect for Oscar and Patsy and how they have overcome all of the many challenges that face small business owners today. We are truly honored to have the privilege of working with them. A successful business never comes down to just one thing. It is a collection of small acts of excellence overtime. This is Basecom. A collection of small acts of excellence. Safety is just one of the many areas where they have managed to find success.”
Jerry McMahon – Client Service Coordinator,  Employers Resource

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